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Sunset Gower Studios is one of the most comprehensive Hollywood production studio lots available, providing the full range of services and amenities you need to bring your production to life—and all in one central, spectacular location.

We house many media and entertainment clients of all types, ranging from film, TV, digital and live events. Our sound stages and production offices are unsurpassed in the industry.

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  • Food & Bounty Restaurant

    Food & Bounty Restaurant

    Food & Bounty, based in the heart of the Sunset Gower Studios lot, offers both catering and dine-in services for all clients and specializes in fresh, seasonal ingredients and artisanal goods. Food & Bounty prides itself on elegant, rustic cuisine with a focus on bold ingredients. Always delivering “Real Food. Real Fresh.” PLUS…the vegetables are grown on our own on-lot organic garden!

  • Lighting, Grip and Expendables

    Lighting, Grip and Expendables

    Sunset Gower Studios is the exclusive provider of all lighting, grip and expendables equipment for any and all types of production. All equipment is inspected, maintained and promptly delivered. We are here to support the smooth execution of all your lighting, grip and expendable needs.

  • Mail Room

    Mail Room

    Our mailroom provides individual, locked mailboxes as well as numbered shelving for larger items.

  • Maintenance and Janitorial Services

    Maintenance and Janitorial Services

    Our on-lot maintenance and janitorial staff strives to provide very clean, well-maintained facilities. And, as you’ll see as you walk around, we are constantly investing in improvement throughout the lot.

  • Parking Structure

    Parking Structure

    We have just finished construction on an extensive parking structure expansion which includes over 1,500 spots. Reserved and personalized, as well as unreserved, parking is available to fit all of your staff and visitor needs. We also offer VIP and valet parking for ultimate convenience.

  • Mill Space

    Mill Space

    We know that you have a top crew to build your sets; so we offer the perfect space to fuel their creativity and talent in our four on-lot mills.

  • Production Vehicle Parking

    Production Vehicle Parking

    We provide roughly 100,000 sq ft of parking space, both newly covered and uncovered, for your trucks, star wagons, and other production vehicles to settle in for base camp.

  • Security


    We utilize the industry’s top-ranked security firm to assure you have the ultimate privacy in a safe and professional environment. In addition to regular state licensing and certifications in CPR/First Aid/AED, our officers are specially trained to work in active, complex, and sensitive creative environments.

  • Support Space Rental

    Support Space Rental

    Whether it’s a table read, crew feed, or just a meeting that you need to accommodate, our lot offers several spaces for our stage and office clients to rent daily with IT and AV services at request.

  • Technical Support

    Technical Support

    Our on-site staff, IT/Telecom specialists are certified and ready to go to work for you creating connectivity in every office. We use fiber-optic and “Symmetric Speed” internet to help boost our upload and download times with multiple private networks available to every client. Data, voice, or bandwidth needs? No problem.

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our locations

We have a slew of great locations to offer your shoot. You will get all of the amenities of shooting at Sunset Gower Studios, combined with all of the creative benefits of being on location.

Companies shooting with us should rest assured that we will provide any of our available facilities as locations. We understand that being able to shoot around the corner for a one–time exterior can make scheduling the day easier, production smoother, and life less stressful. Between our three lots, we can provide for many locations needs. Please look over our most popular locations to get a sense of what we have. You're also welcome to come visit us for a full tour of our locations.